multi-pross, cluster..

Is there any advendage to use a bi or quadri pross for ardour ?

And what about clusters ? it is possible to use several pc to have lot of dsp power ?

ardour was written from the very start to use a dual processor. it does not try to use both processors for DSP however - i made a design decision to not do this and instead focus on allowing the GUI, MIDI and disk i/o functionality to continue to work smoothly even if the other processor was fully utilized by DSP.

there would be very small benefits only from more than 2 processors at present, but we have discussed changing this.

clusters can be used via netjack. on a good gigabit ethernet, it costs 128 frames of extra latency. netjack works for any JACK clients, not just Ardour. so you can put FX processors on other systems and connect them via netjack to any JACK setup.

Thanks for this answer ! and for your work !!

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