Multi output Fan out - Stereo only fan out?

Is it possible to have a plugin with mutiple outputs ‘fan out’ to MONO tracks instead of stereo tracks ?

Drumgizmo does. LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA (sorry… 20 characters and all)

Talking about drum plugins:
AVL drumkits do have multi output versions

Yes indeed: the “fanned-out” audio tracks are a mix of mono and stereo. E.g., in the Blonde Bop Multi fan-out, the kick, snare, HH, rack tom, and floor tom are mono tracks, while the “cymbals” (AKA overheads) and “percussion” tracks are stereo. I presume that is how @GMaq recorded them, so preserving their “stereo”-ness seems quite right.

While I can’t imagine wanting to record them as individual “Cymbals-L” / “Cymbals-R” mono tracks (I always grumble under my breath when importing multi-tracks from such a session, as I have to fuss and fiddle to get them imported as stereo), I do know that some folks out in the world insist on that pattern. Perhaps that is what motivates @Schmitty2005 's OP?

Hi @tseaver

Actually the track fan out layout was cooked up by Robin to emulate stereo overhead mics on the percs and cymbals. Actually all of the AVL samples were recorded with a blend of mics and converted to Mono with SoX before being formatted into SFZ and SF2 libs, people will notice when using the non-multi out versions that the kit pieces are panned relative to the drummers perspective.