Multi-instrumentalist recording with Ardour and Ecasound

I did this with Ecasound for the piano (roving with my trusty 2001 gentoo ibook) the acoustic guitar and trumpet then everything else I did with Ardour on my desktop apart from the drums that I recorded in a studio (they were using Logic). The big hall reverb is jconv and it was mastered with Jamin. is a vid of my kit. I have an embarrassingly large amount of musical/electric stuff:-).

Would love to hear people’s thoughts. If I can get some funding I’ll be doing an album with the techniques I’ve learnt on this single so any honest feedback would be helpful.


Thanks man, much appreciated. Listening to your album as I work here to keep my spirits up:-)

Can’t check:“Firefox can’t establish a connection to the server at

Wow, thanks. That’ll teach me to check my links…

This one does work. I reckon that must be a quirk of my host provider who thank goodness I’m changing soon!


Sounds good, Rob. Relaxed playing, vocals sound confident and, well, true. That jconv reverb is really awesome. Thanks for sharing!