Multi-event midi bindings

Apologies for all the questions, I promise I am doing all the searching and manual reading that I can before resorting to this!

I’m looking at the arbitrary midi message binding mentioned in the manual. I’m using 6.2 and it states that “As of Ardour 4.6 it is possible to use multi-event MIDI strings such as two event CC messages”

Does this mean that a sequence of two key presses that each send a CC message should be able to be mapped?

The sequence sent by these key presses is BF 29 7F BF 29 00 BF 20 7F BF 20 00 and so I have this line in the midi mapping file:

<Binding msg="BF 29 7F BF 29 00 BF 20 7F BF 20 00" action="Common/ToggleRecordEnableTrack1"/>

Should this be expected to work or am I misinterpreting the above manual quote? If I use the key binding mapped to that action it works as expected, but the midi binding does nothing.

Is it intended to only work for a sequence of messages sent rapidly by one control surface event and so there is some timeout on receiving the entire message that manual keypresses exceeds perhaps?

Thanks again for any help.

No, this will not work. The Generic MIDI control surface support will receive discrete messages from the MIDI I/O layer, and will attempt to match the bindings in the map. The message shown above consists of 4 discrete controller messages, and so will not be matched.

The “msg=” style of binding is mostly intended for use with sysex messages, where the contents are not a defined part of the MIDI standard, but the message is nevertheless considered a single discrete unit.

Ok, that’s what I thought when I first read the manual, but then I noticed the quoted sentence which explicitly refers to multi-event MIDI strings post 4.6 and the example of two CC messages, which seems to imply it doesn’t have to be a discrete event. This reference appears to have been added to the manual after the original blog post about midi mapping which mentions the msg contruct but not the multi-event stuff and so seemed to be additional to the normal msg stuff.

No matter, if it can’t work that’s all I need to know, thanks.

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