Multi channel frequency analyzer native for Linux?

Hey everyone,

Does anyone know a multi channel frequency analyzer (meaning, a plugin that can take as an input multiple channels and compare between them) that is native for linux/ardour?

For example, I am looking for the linux alternative (i.e, not VST) for Blue Cat’s FreqAnalyst…

Thank you

japa does that stuff but only displays two traces at a time. I use it a lot.

Ive been wondering about his aswell. Although something along the lines of smart live thats used for system analisis.

Live sound engineers use it alot of seting up sound systems. They connect the output of the desk to 1 input, then an RTA mic to a 2nd input. Run pink noise through the system. The software shows the 2 signals so you can eq the system and try and get the frequency response as close to flat as possible.

Its also pretty usefull for finding problems in systems like out of phase drivers etc.

It is important to determine what exactly you are referring to. FreqAnalyst is primarily a multichannel RTA IIRC, it shows the frequency response of each channel at a given point in time. Smaart on the other hand is a dual FFT, it compares the response between two channels(Though it does have an RTA function). They are two different pieces of software with two different purposes, one is useful to show how something is affecting the signal (Think the analyses display for plugins in A3) one is useful to show the current frequency response.

By the way, one advantage of a dual-fft like Smaart for system setup rather than an RTA is that you don’t necessarily need pink noise, though I often do check with it for various reasons. You can use actual music and not drive everyone else in the theater as crazy when you check:) A second advantage these days is that Smaart is multi channel, so you can hook up many microphones at once rather than using a single microphone and moving it to multiple spots in the theater.


yes ive seen that been done aswell but most engineers ive came across tend to use pink noise.

Now that you have given me the correct defination of the software. I find this

Dual Channel FFT :slight_smile:

Ah yes thank you for reminding me, Smaart generally doesn’t show both signals, it shows the comparison between the original (Reference) and the mic[s] so that you aren’t trying to manually compare, instead you are just trying to even out the line.

Advantage of a FFT over an RTA is you can see phase problems in a good FFT like Smaart. Admittedly I haven’t tried the one you just linked to, but I don’t see any option for adjusting for delay/timing differences, which can cause some serious problems in usage unless they are accounted for as you will see things reported as EQ differences that are actually phase issues you will never correct in EQ.