Multi Band Compression

Hi. I would like to use multi-band compression on my project. Is there a good way to get a multi-band compressor running in Ardor on Ubuntu Studio?

In the free/libre software eco-system check out zamulticomp and LSP Multiband Compressor. Since you’re running Linux, those should be be readily available from your GNU/Linux distribution via the zam-plugins and lsp-plugins packages.

If you are not excluding commercial solutions, Harrison’s XT-MC (XTools for Mixbus: XT-MC Multi-Band Compressor - YouTube would be the go to solution. It is bundled with Ardour binaries from

PS. beware of calf-multiband compressor. It has phasing issues (among many other) which results in a rather muddy sound. see also How to achieve multiband processing? - #15 by drsaamah

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Thank you! As it turns out I already had LSP installed and I just didn’t see any of the plugins in the dropdown menu. They weren’t in the compressor menu for some reason.