mtc on macos

there seems to be a problem with mtc on macos.
when i activate ‘send mtc’ in the options -> sync menu, ardour doesn’t send mmc. i use midipie to post the output of ardours midi-ports. but it’s only showing mmc messages. i’m using the native 2.4.1 version.
on linux (ubuntu repo version) the control out sends quater-frames when mtc is enabled.
has anyone else had problems like that before?

Hm, I didn’t get Ardour to sync with my MIDI Sequencer, actually I don’t know what Ardour uses, MTC, MMC, I really don’t care, but in MacOS Ardour doesn’t seem to sync at all…

it took me a while :-), but i found the solution.
i used midipipe to route midi. it seems that it doesn’t care about mmc/mtc.
using midi patchbay works fine!!!