mplayer synced to ardour?

Hello people,

some time ago I stumbled upon a post on a forum that seems to be of some ardour developer getting in touch with mplayer’s team in order to ask info about mplayer’s transport in order to find a way to sync it with ardour.

What happened with this branch of developement? I know there exists xjadeo but mplayer is a lot more powerful as a video player starting from the fact that it supports a huge number of video formats and my guess is that it would be wonderful to be able to use mplayer as a video window for ardour.

Where did you see this post?

perhaps you mean this project?
i’ve used it to sync to .avi files. don’t know about other formats at the moment.

Hi, I found the post here:

Paul Curtis is not an Ardour developer. That was an idea which hasn’t really gone anywhere. xjadeo is your best bet.