MP3 export: encoder not available

Hello, sorry for posting another problem with the Opensuse version but there’s not too much documentation around…

Mp3 export is missing, error is something like: Ignore format (path/to/mp3profile) encoder not available

So what is missing ?

Is it serching for ffmpeg ? It is installed with mp3 support enable…

Again, we do not and cannot support versions of Ardour built by 3rd parties). Please find an OpenSuSE support mechanism and ask them. Or get ardour from - which we can offer support for.

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Oh well… it would be easy with something that we could call “documentation”.

Here’s the manual

You can contribute to the project by sending corrections or additions to it.

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No, it wouldn’t because this is likely a build error. I am assuming you are using Ardour 6.0.

If it is Ardour 5.x, then yes, documentation on how to do mp3 export with that version would have been nice to have in the manual. However, 6.0 now has mp3 support builtin and so such documentation would be out of date. We have very very few contributors to the manual (much, much less than developers).

Hi, I’m using Ardour 6 on Archlinux and my export profile settings window looks like this:

Just a question: mp3 export option is missing in my install or am I looking in a wrong place?
If is missing I’ll send a question or a bug report to Archlinux package maintainer.

Thanks in advance.

For the mp3 export to work, you need to install the video timeline tools:

Of course…
I needed to install harvid… my fault.
Thank you very much @Kilroy_0 .

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