I just made a Decca Tree recording of a Mozart clarinet concert (beside others). You may hear a sound snippet here:

Ardour did a great job here !



That is fantastic! Very impressive. Would you mind sharing the Bit resolution and Sampling rate it was recorded at? Great work!

Thank you :slight_smile:

I used 44.1 kHz / 24bit with a RME Multiface II and 1 RME Quadmics. In the past I also used higher samplerates but in the meantime i came to the conclusion that this is a waste of memory if the final product will be a audiocd.

I used 2 MBHO MBP603+KA100 combined with 1 MBNM410

see here:

for the support mics, I used 2 Beyerdynamic MC-930, which is IMHO the best you can get for 600 Euro.


which mics were you using? That sounds fantastic!

Wow! Sounds very nice! Did you use just 3 microphones? Wat work did you do in ardour? Editing? Mixing? Mastering?

I used 5 mics, 3 for the tree and 2 support mics for the solists. Ardour works as a host for jconv and I used it for mixing and editing (just a bit)



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I’m a clarinet player myself. I just used Ardour to record the Hindemith Sonata last week. I guess I’ll post a sound snippet myself :slight_smile:

The mic placement wasn’t the greatest (piano isn’t quite as clear as it needs to be), but I had it set up literally five minutes before the concert started with no sound check and I needed to get other things ready.

I love this program, it’s my favorite part about using Linux. I’m only an amateur at this, but it’s been so wonderful to me and my learning of audio engineering. Thank you so much for the big man’s hard work.