Moving... tempo? Quarters? in the grid

Hi. Like Yor, below, I have a song that starts with a 3/4 tempo and a 100 beats, then changes in 4/4 and 78 beats. But there’s a problem: I can place the beats, the speed (I don’t know how to translate it in english) wherever I want on the grid, BUT I can place the tempo only at the start of each bar.
I need to place the tempo where is the speed in the image. Is it possible to do it? I’ve also tried not to use the grid to place it but with no success.
Here is the image:

Hum, not really really sure about that, but it’s not technically possible to change tempo IN a bar. Meant, in real wolrd not only DAW. You might decide to do a 54/8 bar if you like, “no problem” to read/play it at any speed, almost! But tempo changes at the beginning of a bar, not inside of any. It’s precisely for that that you may encounteer 3/4 bars or things like that in scores… Maybe somebody here more accurate in “solfège” stuff could approve & explain better?

Oups, remember that in DAW & IRL, you have that things called respectively ramp & accelerando (IIRC). Not sure if it’s easier to program fine than repeat live with good musicians :wink:

Hi Strat and thank you for the answer.
No, I have a tune that start in 3/4 bars, then changes in 4/4 but it has a little suspension between the passage, and it doesn’t have to be stuck inside the bar respecting its lenght.
I’m afraid I’ll have to do this by ear.

I’m pretty sure that either the last bar is a 2/4 bar, or the initial meter isn’t 3/4.
Try placing a 2/4 meter on the last bar before your tempo change, then a 4/4 bar after that.
Time signatures must fall on a bar, as they are the things that define what a bar is.

Hope this helps.

@telover as said before, and confirm by nickm, tempo & signature & bar are relied in a DAW (since you may use ramps)). quickest way might be to use your perfect ears to record LIVE the “transition” in french sorry :wink: and then set the ramp according to the record to fit your PROG need. “solfège” way might be to do multiple tries between rythm/triolets or not/etc…