Moving session from windows 10 to Ubuntu 20.04 - Ardour 6.6

I have my pc (windows 10) with ardour 6.6 and my laptop (same Ardour 6.6 on Ubuntu).
When I try move my session from windows to ubuntu Ardour show me alters about the path of the sound files recorded on my PC, but I cant find the files. For example, I recorded my guitar “gtr_01” and when I opened my session in ubuntu the file “recorder:gtr_01.wav” is not found. But when I explore my Ardour session folder on windows I can´t found that file. I copied my ardour session folder from windows to Linux. There are another way to do that better? recorder files are saved out of my session folder?
Thanks in advance, I´m a noob with Ardour.

Note: I use Tonelib plugin as amplifier. I´ve tried with Archive method with the same result.

First the bad news: The recorder: prefix is a bug in 6.6 (which is why there’s 6.7 on the horizon). On Windows file-names cannot have a colon, since it’s used as device separator (C:\).

The good news is that the sessions can be recovered. You could either do that yourself. Edit the .ardour session file in a text-editor (it’s a XML text file) and search/delete recorder:. Or upload the file and we can do that for you. Then copy the files (which are likely in your C drive’s parent folder into the session.

Sorry for inconvenience.

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This is to build off Robin’s excellent advice above for the record. Perfectly fine to edit it yourself, just always make a backup first.

Seriously, make a backup before you do anything, even if the file as it stands doesn’t work, that way you always have a known to go back to.


thank you. I´ve tried deleting “recorder:” prefix on .ardour file, but when I opened my session on linux the warning about files lost is present yet.
I´ve recorded three tracks with my guitar using tonelib (plugin present on my workstation and on my laptop). I have a fourth track (imported from mp3). This is the only track recognized when I try to move from windows to linux.
I´ve my sessions on my gdrive if you want to check it out.
Thanks in advance.

Note: is it possible that my recordings are out from session folder? I cant find the files lost on my original session folder.

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