moving regions to other tracks

how can i move a region to another track but make sure it keeps in exactly the same place time-wise? i am thinking this should be done with a keyboard modifier (say hold down ctrl to snap vertically for instance) but i can’t figure it out. i always have to realign and regions i move across to different tracks.


here, if i just grab the region with the middle mouse button and drag it to another track, i will not be alowed to move the region in the time line.


i knew it would be simple.

thanks :slight_smile:

porl there any good ‘cheat sheet’ for ardour? a nice keyboard map and so forth? that would be nice. if there isn’t and someone can point me in the direction of where a good list of shortcuts etc is then i’ll see if i have time to work on one.

wow, the manual sure has come a long way since i last checked it. thanks