Moving Meter Points.

If you have a recording with many meter changes then it can become a lot of trouble when you try to rearrange parts but can’t move all or selections of meter points. I can’t remember how other apps deal with this. I think you would ideally do this in a MIDI item list. Once Ardour gets more MIDI functionality then this issue will become more important. I notice Ardour has a dialog for inserting time in tracks. You can move location markers but there is no option to move meter points. I understand moving meter points this way would obviously be problematic since it’s track based and you may be inserting something that changes the meter. I’m just thinking there needs to be a way of moving all or selections of the meter points.

I guess the workaround would be to create marker points at every meter change then you can move all these and line up the meter points afterwards if the audio doesn’t make it visually clear.

2.8.1 will feature the option to move meter/tempo points as well (its in the code repository already).

OK. Thanks.

I was also thinking that possibly it might be useful to have more than one marker location strip or the ability to change the colour of markers. It depends on how much you use markers. Since starting to use Ardour more and moving in more of a direction of less chopped up audio but more long regions then markers are becoming more important to visually represent places in the recording. The markers get a bit messy with the text when you are zoomed out.