Moving from record/edit to mixing

So, we’ve spent a weekend recording, overdubbing and editing, and now we’re preparing to mix our tunes.

For the purposes of recording we’ve used a single session (or ‘reel’, as we’ve decided to call it!), but we’re unsure of the best approach to mixing - do we make 5 straight copies of the session (one for each tune) and somehow rename everything so ardour finds it all, or do we export sections of the reel to a new session (how?). Or is there a more usual solution? Ideally we’d like to keep all our takes and layers in the mix sessions, in case we need to do further editing.

We’re on Ardour 3.1.1 on Linux.

Snapshots might be the feature you’re looking for.

I’ve done things like that before using snapshots: You can save the seperate tunes, after you’re done editing, you won’t be duplicating the megabytes of audio data, just a few kilobytes of ardour data. Then you can trim start and end to each song, work on the mix, and finally export them. When it comes to re-combining the whole into a CD, you could make yet another Ardour session file which just comprises the 5 exports, and simply ship it out to a burnable image (or cut it into vinyl or whatever).

:slight_smile: i just wanted to post about Snapshots!

but i found also Stem Exports and have worked with Region Content option chosen
(you could export track or region (region is a audio clip, right?).
Its a bit tricky, there are many radio buttons and options, but for every file you can set “session_name_channame_date_time_revision.wav”.Total control enabled!
This is really professional.

But Snapshot is like if your Ardour would be a machine and snapshots an OS :slight_smile:
Every time you change to other snapshot, Ardour makes “reastart” :slight_smile: logo-splash is coming
and you have your new layer over that “reel” you made.

Do this:
Make some templates for your band (input busses and tracks,12 chn drm, 2 bas, 2 git, 2-3 Vox and so on)
And save it as a template. You can tune it to perfection (track-colour settings!, routing, monitor mix for musicians, groups…)
Templates will keep you calm and steady.