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Is it no longer possible in Ardour 7 to move the first time signature as is explained here in the manual? That was a very nice feature to have (that I discovered way too late) when trying to fit existing material recorded without a click into a grid.
I’m still on Ardour 7.0, so apologies if this was fixed in 7.1 – but I couldn’t find it in the patch notes.

Moving the ‘1’ has been dramatically improved. You can now even set multiple 1|1|0’s in a song, which we think is a first for any DAW.

To do this, you right-click in the “BBT” ruler and select “New BBT Marker”. You can set the new time to 1|1|0 or any other time. The clock will restart from there.

Quick tip: after creating the BBT marker, you can ctrl+drag (cmd+drag on mac) in the ruler to adjust tempo. This allows you to quickly move thru your song and tempo-map it.

The BBT marker resets the tempo&meter so if you make any tempo changes before the BBT marker, they will stop at the BBT marker and not propagate past it.

Some potential uses for this include:

  • moving the 1|1|0 to accommodate an intro before the song really starts
  • allow rubato parts, where tempo is vague but then the metrum returns on bar X
  • allow multiple songs on a timeline, each with its own 1|1|0
  • tempo map just the part of the song(s) where it is needed, so you don’t have to start from beginning
  • band or orchestra recordings where you played “bars 24-32” multiple times and want the clock to indicate this correctly

This feature is under fast development for the Mixbus v8.2 release, so YMMV

Personally, I’ve been advocating this for a long time because I record my band’s practices and live shows resulting in many songs on a single timeline. Sometimes I want to tempo-map part of the performance without affecting the later songs.

-Ben at Harrison


Amazing, all of that is super helpful! Thanks for the help, I probably wouldn’t have found that otherwise for a while. The manual should reflect these changes at some point, I reckon …

When putting a new BBT marker on existing material, I cannot place it precisely.

Is it possible to snap it to existing location markers or to the playhead or to a selected region? (I can zoom in very closely and place the new start marker “good enough”, but I find it somehow cumbersome).

Is there a command to snap/move markers in general to the playhead (or the edit point)?

Currently, I’m adding the marker and then dragging it to the exact location. This could be improved by drawing a vertical line down from the marker while you are dragging it, so you can line it up on a visible transient.

We should probably add an action for ‘Add BBT Marker at Playhead’ though. That would be the fewest steps.

-Ben at Harrison

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