Moving average filter


I’m looking for a moving average filter plugin. Any pointers?

For any particular case where a low-pass filter won’t do the job?

As a noise filter, yes.

But as I understand moving average can provide interesting effects similar to a faint reverb on both sides (time) of the signal. As if the reverb comes before the sound as well as after the sound.

Maybe this is called differently?

Reverse reverb, but then continuously.

‘Pre-ringing’ (an artifact of some linear phase FIR filters) and normally to be avoided. Google turned up some more info (and examples) here:

I’ve written one here:

Thanks, but that’s just the de-noiser.

I’m looking for the duplicate track - reverse - long reverb - reverse effect.

Then you are searching for the wrong term, that is in no way related to a moving average filter.

Yes, I already guessed so…

It can be obtained in a tedious way by:

  • copy the track
  • reverse the audio
  • add a long reverb
  • reverse the audio again
  • add another long reverb
  • mix it with the original track

I have no idea what it should be called and what to search for.

That’s pretty much how I would still go about doing it. The problem with a plugin like this in a “realtime” format is that it would create a latency of however long your reverb is. (so for example as long as 30 seconds) Maybe someone has made a version that only supports shorter pre-reverbs, but still sounds like a latency nightmare.

Just do it manually, imo. :stuck_out_tongue:

The tedious way is the only way to give fine grained control over the sound, but there some reverbs which have a reverse effect. Look for reverse settings or a setting labeled swell. It is not quite the same, it just flips the reverb response, not the direct sound, so it sounds a little different.