Moving automation

an old subject…
I need to move automations (I have to insert things at different positions to my session). My project has different tracks, with a lot of sliced regions, automation all along, also on group bus tracks. I understand that moving all the region won’t move automation, but how to do it manually, but accurate?

Depends. There is Preferences > Editor > Move relevant automation when audio regions are moved.

For tracks you could use Track > Insert Time

thank you Robin


This works! It’s easy to add time at the beginning, but not to remove, and not to edit in the middle of the project. Or I have to calculate the time I added and then move the automations from that point accordingly. And It only works if an audio track is selected with the bus containing the automations, otherwise “insert time” is greyed.
I have a lot of small corrections to do in the piece, so it will be long. Now I remember why I usually don’t work with automations.

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