Moving audio files_missing in sessions

This is an operational question… I cant seem to find anything elsewhere on this,:

is there some way of changing how Ardour [I’m using mac 10.4 and ardour 0.99.3] deals with losing files that have been linked to a session (which might have been moved) ? For example, when ardour cant find the file in the place expected then can it offer a dialogue to search for the file missing, or at least keep the data for the place in the session timeline for the missing file (perhaps greyed out), so it could be loaded or linked again later without losing everything!

thanks for any help

please file a feature request for this in our issue/bug tracker (see the tab up there on the upper right).

i’ve seen this functionality in protools and i have to admit that it struck me as rather absurd (the “find file in some other place dialog”). replacing the missing file with a silent version is quite an easy thing for us to do - we already have a debugging tool that rebuilds all the sources for a session as silent audio files so that we can transfer entire sessions as nothing more than just the session file. putting this into ardour should be relatively easy, we just need a reminder to get it done.

this will not be added to ardour 0.99.3 though, which is effectively frozen. 2.0 is expected to be released fairly soon, and contains hundreds of improvements to 0.99. it looks a lot nice too.

hi paul, that’s great about imminent 2, i think ardour looks great now, hope that simplicity hasnt been designed out, i look forward to it and thanks for all the work!.

i dont understand find file on session opening is +absurd+? streamlines the working process so the session is more quickly functional on opening, re-connecting to the relevent audio files by filename just shifting location. tho silent audio files that could be later replaced by user with the relevent audio files is fine too, but why absurd when quickly taking the session back to operational state when you have moved a file accidently or necessarily, sorry i dont understand, (i do see the unneccessary additional programming tho!)

thanks for getting back to me, Will file a feature request on lost files replaced by silent ones to mark positions (along with original names of replaced/missing files for ease of reference, i.e when returning to old session dont always remember exactly what was there)