Movin' Groovin' & Verhoeven - 'Ohio' Live


I’ve played in a steady working weekend cover band for about 18 years called Movin’ Groovin’ & Verhoeven. Recently after a busy summer of gigs we decided to record a bunch of songs live from our repertoire basically for our own amusement. The songs were recorded at teeth rattling volume in our small 20’x14’ rehearsal space lovingly called ‘The Bandshed’ using AV Linux 5.0.2, Mixbus 2.0.4 and a Mackie ONYX 1640 board with the FireWire option installed. All songs were recorded live off the floor with only harmony vocals overdubbed later to cut down on mic bleed. The idea was not to get perfect pristine recordings but to get a good live representation of the chosen songs complete with any solo flubs, botched lyrics, acceptable amounts of mic bleed and all the attendant difficulties of recording in a small room etc. For the record that’s me on guitar and lead vocals…

This is a cover of Crosby Stills Nash and Young’s classic ‘Ohio’

Questions and critiques welcomed…

cool stuff. CSNY will be proud of you!
Personally would prefer more “dynamic” mix with some bits like the guitar solo sticking out louder.
I almost seems like you’re pulling back, where Neil Young would have given us the old “all the way to 11”, but I guess that’s “recording”, I’m sure you blast it out when you’re gigging.

Hi Seb,

Thanks for taking the time to have a listen. We just finished up the recordings and started mixing and nothing is written in stone, I appreciate the suggestion and will keep that in mind for subsequent (re)mixes. I’ve been playing around with JACK capture for the mixdowns simply because I’m still quite used to hardware mixing on the fly and it works pretty well. Obviously rendering with automation gives more control but I like that this ‘plan b’ also works.