move visible editor space 'a little'


When pushing the left/right arrow buttons in the editor window, what is visible drastically changes. Is there a way to move ‘less’, so my eyes can stay focused on what I was looking at?


I respond to my own post because of how much I miss this feature, as compared to just about every other DAW I have used; there is no way (that I know of, other than using the mouse on the inconvenient slider) to just scroll the editor window forward a little amount, without jumping to an entirely different section. This has put a damper on my workflow repeatedly, just wondering why it doesn’t seem to be effecting anyone else. Besides, it would be easy to add as a feature, like the already existing zooms that can be controlled with keyboard shortcuts.

I either use the wheel mouse or clik-n-drag the scrollbar to control the left/right movements across a region and have my “zoom to” option set to “playhead.” That way, when I need to address a specific section of a region and zoom in, the playhead always remains in the center of the screen (thus giving me the left/right portions of that region to work with in view). I don’t think I’ve ever used the actual left/right arrow buttons to control the horizontal scroll bar…

Another option… 22" widescreen monitor (perhaps)!

<Alt>+scroll wheel?