Move to end of track, maximize track height

There are two things I would like Ardour to do:

  1. Automatically move the pointer to the end of an individual track in a project. When you have multiple tracks, some of which can be considerably longer than others, it would be nice to jump to the end of a specified track. As it is, I have to play with zoom and scroll manually. Not a big deal, but it would be a handy feature.

  2. I’d love the track height options to include “maximize”, so that the track height takes up the entire height of the track view. Useful for needing to see waveforms in as much detail as possible when zooming in.

  1. How would you define the end of a track? You can move to region bounds with a key, but a region bound may not be the end of the track, for instance you could have automation that continues beyond the region(Say for automating a reverb tail, or delay, etc.)

  2. Select the track and press ‘F’ This really works with any number of tracks, however many tracks you select will fill the entire track view, so with two tracks selected when you press F it will split the view, three would split into thirds, four into quarters, etc. But with just one it will take up the entire view.


The end of a track in terms of what I’m looking for would be graphically represented by the point where the waveform stops and there is empty space after that point. Not recorded silence - just empty track space. Other tracks might continue on past that point.

Maybe moving to the end of a region bound is what I’m looking for. What key is that?

Thanks for the tip on selecting the track and pressing F.

I don’t remember that keybinding off hand sorry. My point was that how you define end of track and how I define it might be two very different things;) That is why markers can be handy on occasion.


I appreciate it, Seablade. :slight_smile:

In the same vein, is it possible to set the end marker to the exact end of a region bound?

Yep, use the location dialog for that. Move the playhead to the region bound(Aforementioned keybinding or the grid will assist with this), then go into the location dialog and for the end marker tell it to “Use PH” or Use Playhead to get it’s location.


or alternatively, set the grid to Region Bounds or Region Ends, and move the marker with the mouse.

Bah Paul always gotta come and point out the EASY way to do it;)