Move selected region down one track whilst locking its position relative to the first track


I have recorded dialogue and I am wanting to:

  1. take specific sections (regions) and move them down to the next track (from “field recording” to “target language” whilst keeping them coordinated in time with the track above (I can do this with the middle mouse button, is there also a keyboard shortcut?)

  2. somehow synchronize/lock this second track (“target language”) with the first one (“field recording”) so I don’t accidentally move it and break the flow of the conversation.

Reason: my dialogue is in 2 languages, Japanese (which I speak) and Okinawan (which I am learning) - I want to move the Okinawan phrases down to their own track so that I can later export just that track, cut the silences, and use it as listening practice without having to also listen to all the Japanese bits. However the whole dialogue (both Japanese and Okinawan) will be a podcast episode in itself (with the Okinawan-only version as a second review episode) so it’s important that the two tracks are kept locked/synchronized…

thanks for any input!

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If I understand properly the question - you need to hold the “Shift” key and drag the selected regions to the target track. “Shift” locks the vertical position.
Edit: Ops. I missed your way with the middle mouse button. Even more comfortable…:slight_smile: About Keyboard keys don’t know/

Aaahh… yes you have understood the question correctly, and yes that works exactly as I want (I thought I tried shift before, but apparently not…)


Part 2: is there any way to “lock” the two tracks together so I don’t break the conversation flow??

I’ve just tested: If you select multiple regions in different tracks - the middle mouse button (or Shift+drag combination) lock the vertical position also. To select few regions I use “Ctrl”+LMB.

cool, that could be useful, thanks!

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