Move region to end at the start of another

Hi :slight_smile:

New user here. I’d like to move a region in a way that it ‘leads’ into the next bar - they should touch without overlap or a gap between them.
At the start of that bar is another region (I’ve moved that second region to the start of the bar in the hope that it helps with “joining” them somehow).

With snapping enabled, it’s possible to snap the start of a region to a beat.
But so far, I’ve been unable to snap using the end of a region to anything.

All snap targets are checked in the preferences (including “playhead” and “region ends”). My installation is fresh and no settings have been changed.

Two other things are also puzzling me:

  • I found that moving the playhead to region boundaries using ctrl-alt-cursor doesn’t seem to do movement to the end of a region despite claiming to do so in the manual (" Moves the playhead to next beginning or end of region").
  • Is panning using the middle mouse button not possible?

kind regards!