Move midi in Ardour7?

Moving midi blocks around seems borked in 7 and 7.1
Scenario to test this:
My drum track is called “midi”
it is empty
I have some midi in my toolbox from Ardour6
I import the midi from Ardour6
Ardour makes a new track “Peters-74-4bars-1.mid”
the midi looks fine
I copy this midi and paste it into my rhythm track
Here is the problem:
the pasted midi bars can’t be edited or moved

I’ve tried all the cursor options: Snap, Smart, the hand, the midi edit option
nothing will move this block of midi

Check the option:
right click on the region - this opens context menu - Peters-74-4bars-1 > Position > Lock

CoolTehno, Nope, didn’t do anything. Bare Ardour session, import MIDI, and…it’s frozen!
This is interesting: I can move the midi up and down to other tracks. I cannot move it horizontally.
In addition, when I edit midi notes I can only move them vertically. I cannot move a midi notes horizontally. In other words, I can change the note from D to E, but I can’t move it to an earlier or later beat.
This should be easy to duplicate. I’m opening a vanilla empty session and importing a few bars of midi.
This is in 7.0 and 7.1

I’ve just created a midi drum region in Ardour 6.9 and drag the created file from Ardour 6.9’s folder into Ardour 7 session. No problem, everything works well…

Your case force me to think - probably your Edit Mode in the Lock state (at least it looks like it):

Try to turn Lock to Slide

By the way: if you create some new midi regions in A7 - are they in the same state?

Thanks, that was it.
Ardour 7.1 - I think it defaults to lock state, but maybe somehow I changed it. I’ve never used that option. Looks useful!
Again, thanks for taking the time to help.

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