Move automation events

I am creating radioplays and I am using a very big amount of automation events.

If I need to insert something at the beginning of a project, I can just mark all regions and move them to the right - no issue so far. But unfortuately this does not work with the automation, it will not be moved with the regions. This causes me to loose days of work if I need to insert something at the beginning of a project because I need to recreate all automation. Is there a workaround for this issue?

Word of advice, start projects at a timecode location other than 00:00:00.00. I use, and it is common in video at least from my understanding to use, 01:00:00.00 instead. This way if you need to add anything to the beginning it is a simple matter of moving the start marker back to provide room.

Other than this as LeatusPenguin said, this is possible in A3, not in A2.



thanks for this hint. I will do that next time. This time I will create a separate project and merge it together.