Mouse scroll up & down in edit window not based on track height

I get why DAWs do this, makes sense, but for some reason this has always felt odd to me when using. Just wanted to try this out, I was wondering if it is possible to be able to set mouse scroll wheel up & down to be a natural scroll up and down between tracks, and not based on snapping specific track top edges to top of the window.
As mentioned, makes more sense why this is done the way that it is and probably won’t feel right either turning this off, but just would like to try a more natural scroll if possible to see how this feels. Can someone tell me if this is possible.

Thank You

Not possible. We changed it more than 10 years ago due to user feedback, and it was too complex and requires too much code maintenance to retain both versions.

Okay I will stop looking for that setting in preferences.
As mentioned the way that it is obviously makes more sense, seems to be the common way of handling scrolling in track based windows / programs. Sometimes can just feel a little abrupt, sometimes you can feel like you are not scrolling but you are, if that makes sense. Anyways, just something I wanted to try out if it was available. Yeah, if only one way could be maintained I think you guys went with the right choice.
Thank You for your response.