mouse recommendations?

got xjadeo to work so it’s on to the next question.

i’d like to not spend a lot since i may not be able to use ardour until
somewhere down the line. i’m on a mac pro, currently with a mighty
mouse. what would be a good solution for best functionality with
ardour on a mac?


Any 3 button USB mouse will work fine. A mousewheel is extra helpful. Buy the cheapest one that feels good in your hand.

thanks paul!

Technically you can use a mighty mouse just fine. You need to set it up in ‘System Preferences’ to be an appropriate number of button mouse, but IIRC you can do three button with those. The catch to them is to make sure when you click, you only click with one finger touching the mouse, as resting the other can confuse the mouse in my experience, often leading to left clicks when you meant a right click.

That being said, I prefer just working with a real three button mouse.


Thank you very much. Very informative post.