Mouse dragging function for mute and solo


is it possible to get the following function for ardour, which really will fasten up anyones workflow (I know it from Studio One and Reaper):

Press a Solo button and drag the mouse with hold LMB to other tracks which also getting soloed or muted.

Would be great to get this anytime. :slight_smile:

Not going to happen. Totally violates several other basic aspects of how our GUI works.

You can (a) solo ALL tracks at once by using ctrl-shift-click (this works for mute and rec-enable and monitoring also).

You can (b) put tracks into groups that share the solo (or mute or …) property and then solo them all with just one click, no dragging.

Ok. :frowning:

@sonnie Out of curiosity, will the the solo work flow described above give you a “flying solo mode” where you can hover over a track to solo it and move the mouse elsewhere to change affected track ? If that’s the case, it’s at really nice feature compared to click twice on every track.

ahellquist: middle button on solo/mute is momentary: press to engage, release to disengage. only 1 click :slight_smile:

Another option (with v3): click to select track A, shift-click to select track D, use “Track menu->toggle mute” to mute tracks A-D.

(or use the Range tool to drag-select some bogus time range, this will also select the tracks for you)

If you ever had the possibility to check a DAW with “flying” solo or mute -> do it. You will have it everywhere. :wink:
Shift and/or CTRL + Click is always a step more which gets you out of your flow. But these are just my 2 cents.