mounting failed

I keep trying to download ardour…each time the download stops and reads “mounting failed”? what am I doing wrong.

It sounds like you are having issues getting a good download, aka it is being corrupted somewhere along the line. Not to much that can be done short of redownload.


tried downloading again this time it tells me that…" Ardour 2 is not recognized"…?
Is there a step by step outline for downloading Ardour?

Ardour2 is not recognized?

Can you give me that entire error, never heard of that before.

Download should be pretty straight forward to be honest.


there is no step by step guide for downloading ardour precisely because none is necessary. you click on the download link, which for OS X pre-built versions points to a DMG file. if (and only if) this downloads successfully, OS X will do the rest automatically. as seablade noted, your errors are all indicative of failed/corrupted downloads.

My download also timesout before completed, and the DMG file isn’t recognized.
probable a slow connection on my end. But this problem shouldn’t exist for slow download speeds.
I am being penalized after donating huge $$$s???

All I can say is that it likely is something on your end(Your ISP perhaps) as most people do not have an issue with the download. Much beyond that I can’t help you much since I am not there, sorry. If you were logged into the website when you donated(And you should always be) then you can redownload as often as needed.


I was logged in:

A Problem Occured

We regret that there has been a problem with your order. Please contact us via email at if it is necessary to resolve the issue described below.

You have used all 3 downloads.

@surflounge: why have you posted on this forum rather than follow the instruction in the message you have pasted? Your download count has been reset.