Mountain Foothills Hotel (volume 1)

Hello Ardour community! I’m excited to share a small project I worked on this past summer. It’s sort of a programmatic OST, as I’ve been into that style lately. I had a lot of fun making this little EP, and I hope to continue exploring ideas in this world I’ve created. Composition made in LMMS, with EQ, effects, and final mixing done in Ardour. EP cover art designed in Krita (my first foray into that type of program…lots of fun but I could use more practice!). Please let me know what you all think - all feedback is welcomed and appreciated!

Hi @nickture,

This is really cool. Lot of atmosphere and space. The mix sounds good to me for the most part. Like the feel of it.

The sax entrance in the third song seemed strong at first but sounded good overall. Maybe ramp up the volume for some of those changes. Not a fan of the guitar synth, but real guitar is kinda a thing for me, so there you go… :slight_smile:

Also, kinda wanted the percussive stick sound to go on longer in the first song.

Definitely keep exploring this space…

@cchoowee, thanks for the listen and I appreciate the feedback!

Alas, I wish I was a competent guitar player (or even owned one haha :grinning:) so I have to settle. I do think I need to find some better options for guitar; I’ll have to dive into to trying more samples.

Appreciate the encouragement!

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