MOTU out --> RME in

So… we know that MOTU firewire either doesn’t or won’t or may partly work with Linux…

How about using the ADAT output from a MOTU into the ADAT in on an RME 9652 (or substitute) would this work??

Would the MOTU be able to be used as a standalone recorder, and use the output later for postmix?

Thanks guys.

I once had to transfer 8 tracks from a Tascam TSR-8 -> Analog In Motu 828mkII -> Motu ADAT out -> ADAT in RME HDSP 9652 and it worked just like you’d expect it to.

I’m not aware of standalone Motu recording gear (meaning recording medium and software included). You could use them as standalone mixers (via analog or ADAT) though which probably sucks big time.