MOTU 828Mk3 Analog Out problem

MOTU 828Mk3 Output problem

My 828 has messed up analog outs when assigned thru USB 2.0 connection from Ardour v5 software. Here are the details:

Ardour to 828 routing:
Ardour Track (4 outputs) to Master Busses = 1 to 1, 2 to 2, 3 to 3, 4 to 4
Master Buss Outs to 828 = M1 to Analog 1, M2 to Analog 2, M3 to Analog 3, M4 to Analog 4 (no other routing to 828!!)
Results at 828 analog outs:
Mono track panned to master output # 1 = equal audio levels on 828 outputs 3 & 4
Mono track panned to master output # 2 = equal audio levels on 828 outputs 1 & 3
Mono track panned to master output # 3 = equal audio levels on 828 outputs 2 & 4
Mono track panned to master output # 4 = equal audio levels on 828 outputs 3 & 4
*Note that the Ardour Master Fader meters respond to the panning correctly, i.e. - audio only appears on the correct master out meter.

Need help as I want to master/monitor some quadraphonic mixes I did back in the 1970s so I need the 828 analog outputs to behave properly.


Are you sure the master busses are really mono? I think ardour will default to creating two channel busses.
Maybe a screenshot of the routing matrix page showing the ardour busses tab and the hardware devices tab will help.

No, the master busses are “quad” - 4 channels out. Only my test track is mono, that’s what I’m panning to each of the four master busses one at a time. As mentioned, the meters on the Master fader are responding properly to my pan selections but the MOTU 828 is not - they are as indicated in the table in my original message.

New to this forum, can a screenshot be posted here?

How are you panning? Does the Ardour track have a 1-in to 4-out panner that is instantiated automatically? I have only used stereo master busses in Ardour, so I will have to try this later when I get home.

I thought you should be able to post images, but I do not see a way to upload an image file, so that may be disabled, you may have to put the image somewhere else and just provide a link.

Screenshot of the mixer window would be helpful. I played with this a little bit last night, and the track got a 1-to-four channel panner like I expected, but the master bus also got a panner/width/rotation control of some kind that I did not expect. It almost looked like an Ambisonic decoder, but it wasn’t labeled as such. I found the mapping really non-intuitive, I don’t know what that control on the master bus was configured to do, and I didn’t have time to play with it much.
See if that is present in your session, and see if you can delete it from the master bus. I think what you want is a direct master channel to speaker mapping with nothing in between.

The VBAP panner (of my creation) is a horrible little monster. Best to just right-click on it and then click on “Bypass”.