motu 8 pre pour Ardour

je cherche les drivers de ma carte son (motu 8pre)
pour faire tourner ardour gtk2 sous ubuntu 9 …
j ai l’impression qu ils ne sont pas dispo , le site oficiel
ne propose que les drivers mac et windows…

merci d’avance !

Yes and no. People Usually start with the highest value stuff first in this case Ardour… The rest is just plumbing they need to run ardour.
You can still link to the other sites but this is going to be the first place a lot of people go to ask questions…

I was actually thinking of a more prominent place than some obscure appendix, buried deep down in a manual.

Maybe this site will get a(nother) big overhaul soon but as it is now we have the Plugins tab that answers one big question. Why not replace that with an FAQ tab and make the plugins be a section of it.

I will keep that in mind for the manual, it is likely we could toss in an appendix section of FAQs;)


I know :slight_smile:
On a side note, shouldn’t it be great to have a FAQ tab so we could avoid answering the same questions two gazillon times. Like “What sound cards are recommended?”, “Which distro works best?”, “Why does the spam filter always trigger on peder’s posts?”

MOTU isn't that linux friendly

Let me rephrase this, MOTU is actively hostile to Linux development. The only drivers that exist for any of their hardware were reverse engineered and I am not sure they are complete.


Isn’t that soundcard thing something more relevant to LAU, FFADO and ALSA sites?? Maybe the jack site…

Google-translated question: “I seek drivers for my soundcard (motu 8pre) to run under ubuntu gtk2 ardor 9 .
I have the impression that they are not available, the official site does that drivers mac and windows …”

First, you’d probably want to ask in english next time.
Second, firewire units are supported by FFADO in linux and as you can see on MOTU isn’t that linux friendly so unfortunately your 8pre won’t work.

If you can use a PCI card you should look at the RME and M-Audio ones or if FW is the only option the Focusrite Saffire Pro 10 seems fully supported by FFADO.

Way too late, but eventually there are good news for Motu 8pre owners: Linux (ALSA) support for it is being added. It should be available with Linux 5.2:

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Hi There, thanks ! that’s a great news ! I have to try that… have a nice day.

That is good to hear, MOTU these days seems to be a bit different than the MOTU of old, and is no longer outright hostile to Linux development. They aren’t making many moves to support it to my knowledge, but are no longer trying to prevent it, so about the same as most manufacturers outside of some notable exceptions.