most Peak Values disapeared

most Peak Values disapeared have disapeared from thew mixer and also in main-window…the master-peak is there, also the peak of tracks marked as “record”, but in most of the tracks the values aren’t shown…

what could that be?

I use Ubuntu Studio KArmic
after having this problem i istalled a different deb from a ppa but the problem is still there


Do you mean the waveforms? Or what exactly do you mean by peak values?


i mean the meters … as seen in the screenshot only 2 meters show signal as it should be 6

Maybe you’ve got the meters for those tracks set to “input”, so they are metering silence. Change them to “pre” or “post” and you’ll probably see the meters start working again.


there’s no “maybe” - the screenshot clearly shows the meters set to “input”.

oooops…didn’t knew i could change the “meter-point”…i got it now…thanks to all