Most of the keyboard shortcuts in the hint boxes are missing

Why doesn’t Ardour show you hotkeys when hovering over buttons? We already have description boxes to describe the button when you hover over them so I don’t understand why they can’t put the keyboard shortcut at the end like any other program would. They have it in the menus, so why not in the hint boxes? There are buttons that show you the shortcut key in the hint box, but there are some that don’t, why? It is completly backwards to have to open the web browser or open the hotkey settings every time you want to know the shortcuts for a command. Making the hotkeys nemonic might help to remember it, but you wouldn’t be able to figure them out on your own instinctively because the bindings could mean several things. For instance, I wouldn’t know that alt-M switches between mixer and editor view and there is nowhere in the program that tells me that. They need to be shown.

You do not need to write an entire paragraph of somewhat angry lecturing to make your point.

Ardour used to do this. We changed how shortcuts work, and it introduced a bug that prevents the shortcuts from being shown. It would have been fixed by now, but it’s hard to fix.

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