Morgul "Torn" Cover - Grand piano + accoustic guitar instrumental (video)

Piano: MIDI + Calf Fluidsynth + Accoustic Grand Piano soundfont
Guitar: Samick D7-CE, microphones: sE8 + MXL Cube.
Synth: ZynAddSubFX, Strings.

Have fun!


Amazing sound, Skygge!

I really can’t use ZynAddSubFX here. Have to write the score sheet in Musescore and connect it to a track in Ardour, as I do with Hydrogen to drums.

Best, Alexandre

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Very nice !
If I can make a small suggestion, the guitar which is the star of this tune is a bit drowned in the piano; you could have brought it forward a little more (eq, reverb). For the next time :wink:
Good job anyway and thanks for sharing !!

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I know that. It was done on purpose.
Previous versions had the guitar louder. But I was listening carefully to the original song, and yes, the guitar is also quite quiet and isn’t breaking through the piano that much. I had hard time to figure out the guitar part by ear… So I did the same, pulled down the fader in the final mix. :smiley:

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