More robust automation mechanisms…

I’ve mentioned this before, but I’d like to put it in the suggestions box: I’d really appreciate finer control over automation strips.

I do a lot of synth stuff, but automation parameters are really the most sloggy part of articulation in Ardour. Most importantly, I’d like to be able to vertically snap continuous automations to some increment of choice - scoring a pitchbend input by hand is absolutely no fun at all, much less trying to get a rise to sound consistent across sections by playing Operation by pixels with my mouse. (I don’t own a MIDI keyboard or any such implement, so recording it live is right out.)

More ambitiously, I would really appreciate having a selectable interpolation mode between automation points - at minimum a constant-interpolation mode (because placing two points per point is… unpleasant), but I would also appreciate a tension-curve, the likes of which you can find in Fruity Loops. (Yes, I know - lines are theoretically enough for any shape I like - but a cluster of five or six segments forming a curve is absolutely terrible to iterate on when the alternative is “tweak a tension handle”!)

(Bonus, though I’ve no idea how this would look… one automation lane controlling multiple parameters? One can only dream…)

Thanks a lot for all your hard work on Ardour - it’s a great program otherwise!