More of an actual song this time: Driving South


I am very thankful by the positive feedback I got from my song “If” (it has a name now, hehehe…). However, that song was mostly a proof of concept, some test to try and learn how my bass would fit in the mix, etc.

This time I want to post more of a proper song, with more of a production to it, a variety of sections, arrangements, etc.

It’s called “Driving south”, hope you enjoy:

As usual, feedback is welcome!

hi, nice tune indeed!
keep it going an cheers,

GodLikeCreature…great song and you make this look easy…It would be nice to see a screencast when you write a song…I know it’s a big project but that would us the noobies how it’s done professionally with Ardour.

Nice tune, sound really good, light and clear but in the same time loaded and swingy.
More than just a technical achievement, we fell the artist behind, and that is the goal… expression expression expression… :wink:

@nowhiskey: Thank you!

@rpatros: To be honest, I very much feel an amateur myself. Believe me, I am not one to teach anything about recording, mixing or mastering. I am pretty much self taught!

In any case, I recently put together a blog, mainly for discussing guitar playing, but I will post some ideas that have worked for me with Hydrogen, Ardour, etc.

You are more than welcome to follow it!

Thanks again!

@phdemartin: Thanks! Completely agree, the end goal must be conveying something, and if you feel I achieved so, that’s probably the greatest compliment you could have paid me. Appreciate it.

Just a personal question, why did you choose this user name “GodLikeCreature” ?

That’s smooth. I like it.

@arthursucks: Thanks!

@phdemartin: Hahaha… Stupid name, I know. I guess people think it is a nickname I picked for myself, but it has nothing to do with that. It actually comes from Marvel comics. There was this character, a villan, who was all powerful, essentially a godlike creature.

That´s how I came up with it!


Hey, I just uploaded the final version of this song. It includes lots of mixdown fixes/enhancements, as well as many new improved tracks, which were recorded with my new POD X3. I even included a bit of a "shreddy" solo in the end (hey, it was too good a backing to leave it like that) ;-)

Hope you like it!


Super Pro…a very nice demonstration of your obvious talents and Ardour as well.

Thanks a lot!!

I think Ardour’s talents are more obvious than mine! :wink: