More Midi Channels

I am running Ardour 3-3.5.403 under Fedora 20 with a RT kernel and optimized for recording. I am also using drumgizmo where I have a drum kit mapping with 23 channels. I am trying to figure out how to increase the number of channels Ardour has set coming out of the drumgizmo plugin. Current it is set to 16.

Hmmm… I theory drumgizmo supports 64 channels, but I guess channels is not the same as audio ports right?

MIDI only allows 16 channels per MIDI port. End of story.

As confirmed by paul

A MIDI link can carry sixteen independent channels of information. This is per the MIDI specification maintained by the MMA.

Looks like there is some terminology collision. What drumgizmo is calling a ‘channel’ is really a LV2 ‘audioport’. In drumgizmo’s drumgizmo.ttl I bumped up the audioports to 32 and now all of the 23 ‘channels’ in the drumgizmo definition file can be mapped to Ardour buses and they work!