montitoring or not

i use ardour 3.0 to record live acoustic instrument through a microphone and mixer. usually i dont want any monitoring audio from ardour, cause it creates feedback. i’ve tried to change the edit monitoring preferences, but nothing seem to change,i continue to hear the monitor of the track while i record it. i read the manual but it does not seem to correspond. what is the default setting of ardour monitoring? and what is the best way to change the setting to meet my needs? thanks for any help!

stefabarta: although LeatusPenguin’s suggestion will also work, I don’t think you changed the monitor preferences correctly. Setting Edit > Preferences > Audio > Monitoring > Record monitoring handled by = “audio hardware” will disable all passthru of recorded data. It certainly does here (unless you manually force “input monitoring” for that track.

thanks paul, i did not know that. even if i explored the edit preferences i was not able to recognize the monitoring section because of a somehow misleading italian translation. however, problem solved and recording monitoring is working now. i would like to know even LeatusPenguin’s method, but did not understand what should i click and where.