mono track pan automation

Hi folks,

I’m using ardour 2.8.2 and trying to put a pan automation on a mono track. Is that possible?
I used the a track’s button to show the gain and pan automation.
If I change the gain from Manual to Write, it’s ok. But it doesn’t have the same behavior for panning: its state always remains as Manual. Can’t change it to write/touch.
So, is it possible on a mono track?
I tested the same on a stereo track: no problems, pan automation works.


2.8.2? Really?

You REALLY need to upgrade. I forget how old that version is and how many thousands of bugs have been fixed since then.


Yeah, really, 2.8.2 . I’m a FreeBSD ports dependent, but I’ll upgrade it next week to 2.8.14 and then I’ll check if the pan automation works on a mono track.
So, I understand you meant this feature should work, is that right (if I upgrade)?

It should work even if you didn’t upgrade but I don’t know who maintains the BSD ports or what patches they might be using. But yes you are likely to find a LOT of bugs that have been fixed for many years with that old of a version.