Mono track balance - is this normal behavior?


I have a mono guitar track and I want to pan it to 80% left using Mono Panner.
But I can’t do it. The track can only be 100% left or 100% right or centered.
If I move the panner 99% to the left the sound is still exactly centered, moving further to 100% it jumps to the left. Right side behaves the same.

Is this normal?
Thanks! Skygge.
Ardour 6.5.95 “Old Land” (rev 6.5-95-gef7a5e1b00), Linux, Focusrite Scarlet 2i2.

Edit: This is only when JACK backend is used. Pulseaudio and Alsa are ok.

No, it isn’t normal and would have been better reported at

This was a bug in the CPU optimization (in this case AMD/Intel FMA). It is fixed since 6.5.140. Alternatively you could start Ardour with the --no-hw-optimizations option.


I’ve just compiled the latest revision and I can confirm: is ok now. Thank you very much! :smiley:


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