Mono to Stereo Bus

I am new to Ardour but not DAWs. I have have two vocal tracks, that are mono. I can obvioulsy pan them left or right as needed. What I want to do is send them to a stereo buss so I can add some common insert effects on both vocals. I’ve been unable to create a buss that allows me retain the pan settings on the two mono vocal tracks.

How do I go about doing this?


If you’re using Ardour 2, the ins/outs are designated “1” and “2”, rather than “L” and “R”, but it works in roughly the same manner.

Since A2 has no Audio Connection Manager, you’ll have to use the “edit” option on the track outputs. (Busses are not shown on the default destination list.)


Even though a track is mono, it still has left and right outputs. As long as you’re patching L outputs to L inputs, and R outputs to R inputs, panning should be retained throughout the audio chain.

  1. Create a stereo bus.
  2. Connect the L bus output to the L master input, and the R bus output to the R master input.
  3. Disconnect the outputs of the vocal tracks from the master inputs.
  4. For each vocal track, connect the track’s L output to the L input of the bus, and its R output to the R input of the bus.
  5. Leave the bus panner at its default setting.
  6. Pan the vocal tracks however you like.

Again, just be sure you’re connecting L outputs only to L inputs, and R outputs only to R inputs.