Mono output with Mixbus

I have a question about getting a mono signal out of Mixbus. Ardour2/3 have individual L/R panners which you can set to center to get mono. Mixbus just seems to have a dial to pan L or R. I have figured out various ways to get mono with Mixbus, though I wonder if there are easier ways.

One method would be to pan full to L or R and then everything is in one channel which is mono.

Another method would be to use the CMT Stereo-to-mono Ladspa plugin which seems to do the job, though I am a little confused because the meters still show different amplitudes for L/R and they should be identical for mono. In addition, I would think the “phase correlation meter” would be pegged to right with no variation, but it is not, and shows some variation (though less than with a stereo signal). However, the sound does sound like mono when the plugin is active…

In contrast, when Stereo-to-mono plugin is used in Ardour3 the output channel meters change from 2 to 1, consistent with being a mono signal.

I get the most convincing mono output in Mixbus if I pan my input track (only have 1) to L or R and use the Stereo-to-mono plugin on the master track. Then the phase correlation meter is pegged to the right, and the master L/R meters move in tandem as expected for a mono signal.

If you use a mono track in Mixbus you will have mono output if it is panned dead center. The stereo tracks have a balance control.

Otherwise any sort of plugin that can input stereo and output mono will of course be an option, just bypass with middle mouse button.