Mono DC-Offset

Recording on a mono track I get a “nice” dc-offset, whereas on stereo track it’s fine. I have the workaround of the Calf plugin for that matter. Is it a problem of mine?

Whats your source? An audio interface? A soft synth? Are you using the same source for stereo and mono?

It’s the motherboard sound card, common for stereo or mono recording.

Have you tried recording 2 tracks at the same time, 1 mono 1 stereo? Check if that gives the same results.

Now I’m having offset in both stereo and mono (once at a time and simult.) I’m not aware of any changes in my setup.
Installed Audicity to check if… and yes, it offsets too…

dc ofset usually always hardware related.

dc ofset usually always hardware related...
And could be more likely if you are using the onboard audio. Check your input settings via ALSA mixer - see if you can disable any unused inputs or reduce the input gain settings.


Onboard audio problem. I Bios-extinguished it and now I’m relying on my SBLive Value (remember them?..)
One thing (nice) I found strange is that jack automatically assumed the the SB. Other times I tryed that I ended up with a messed system.
I’m still able to see Utube videos without stalling, as before when I supressed the onboard audio.