Monitoring Playback in One Channel Only


I remember a thread explaining this a long time ago but could not find it, I’m using Ardour 2.8.11 with 2 M-Audio 1010LTs, when I playback the already recorded tracks in my headphones they playback in one channel only during recording a new track. When I listen to the playback and am not recording the playback is in stereo as it should be. I can’t remember if this is an Ardour thing or a Linux 1010LT driver thing. Can someone jog my memory? Often I record multitrack projects with the 1010LT and finish up any single track stuff with a Tascam US-122 which has direct monitoring that works correctly, it’s been quite a while since I have monitored with a 1010LT and find this a bit annoying.

Thanks for any help with this “senior moment”.

Hey GMaq,

don’t worry, everyone makes mistakes every day. And it might not even be an obvious one - I also use 2 M-Audio 1010LTs and Ardour 2.8.11 (in Debian testing) and this has never happened to me. Maybe you could provide your session and your .ardour2 directory?



Thanks for the reply Benjamin, If it works for you with the same hardware and basically the same OS then obviously I’ve missed something somewhere, I’ll dig a little deeper and post back with my ardour and session configs if I can’t figure it out. Thanks again for your time!


The problem was a faulty headphone extension cable (hangs head low in shame) It only cut out in certain positions…Arghhh… crappy Radio Shack molded cables!

in czech we have an interesting swear/expletive expression “kurva drát” - literally translated : “bitch wire”. regarding anything related to music and sound, it gets really extremely useful :wink:


hehe I like that one! Now I can curse my rig and no one (other than Czechs) will know what I’m saying…I think it would make a great album title as well, all the anglophiles on this side of the pond will think it is some deep spiritual expression from another language…lol