Monitoring Options

After reading a recent thread on room calibration and monitoring, I thought of asking for suggestions about monitoring and mixing.

First, I am not a professional (as it will be clear), I just want to maximize what I can do in my situation, which is the following: I have a room that has (virtually) every possible physical/acoustic problem, no treatment, and I have no chance at all to fix any of that any time in the near, or not so near future. (Let me repeat, no chance! It’s a small and already packed room. Not going to happen.)

In view of that, I decided from the start to mix on headphones. I currently use a pair of KRK’s KNS-8400. I was considering upgrading them and maybe getting Sonarworks Reference to help mitigate the possible problems of mixing with headphones.

My question is, in your experience, would having a pair of decent monitors in an untreated room (close to the wall and corner, etc.) sill give better results (a more balanced mix that would translate better to different speakers and situations) than mixing with headphones (which I know is discouraged in ideal situations)? I’ve read about it, but thought I would ask those who have some more real life experience.

Also, does any one have any real experience with Sonarworks Reference (with headphones)?

Any other suggestions for someone in my situation?

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