monitoring / midi

Hi everybody from germany!
I would like to say that ardour is for me the best platform to record music under linux.
I was searching for a cubase pendant and found ardour which is very good for the price ;).
Like most user what i need in the programm is midi implementation that would be very good because its quite very bad working in two or more programms.
Midi and vst would be very important for ardour 3! (in my opinion!)
If that will be you have the perfekt cubase pendant. and you will get my money hehe.
im a poor person but to pay for this would be a honour, because one hand washes the other… and i wont pay hundrets of bucks for homerecording and have then to use windows.

another thing, it may be my fault, is that i wish easier monitoring. like i think it isnt possible to hear an audio channel while playing the song. only if the channel is on monitor, and then i get only the input signal! in my case i play straight with guitar in an audiochannel (one guitar first in preamp, second guitar directly in the soundcard). so for the guitar with preamp no problem but for the other i use a plugin (Studio Devil AMP) wich isnt active at monitoring, only the clean input i could get to hear because the output of the channel is mutet while playing the song. It would be very great by listening to the song one complete channel directly to monitor! (hear and play with ardour)

i know there are solutions via jack but in ardour would be much easier for me (maybe others too).

and now the thing im most interesstet in:

when may ardour 3 come to us? i have installed AV-Linux for homrecording and now im make my settings with ardour 2.8.11 and rosegarden 10.4, but if the release wont be so far away of ardour 3 i wait with recording to make my live easier.



yes software monitoring from ardour i recognized that… but it doesnt work while playing the track? only when the track is stopped or recording not while playing it!

am i doing something wrong?

check some transport options where you may have “plugin disabled when transport stopped” option ON

edit: it’s in Options -> Performance -> Stop plugins with transport

ok thanx for the hint… but i think i mean something different…

one audio channel has input and output ok?
my input is my soundcard-input one, the guitar through preamp bevor reaching the soundcard.
now i use a drumcomputer and i record it in ardour.
what i want is: play the drums in ardour and monitor the guitar.
when i hit the play button, the guitar channel output is mutet (nothing comes there!!!)… when i choose softwaremonitoring by ardour it will be mutet too while the track plays.
i hear the monitor only when its stopped or recording.

what you said should work for the “monitor channel” but i thought like cubase i could hit the monitor button and the “original channel” is online without an extra monitor channel.

maybe the button builts his monitor channel on his own… …in the background.
sry it was an idea say it to me if it was stupid… :wink:

ardour3: no release date
ardour2: much more mature so if you plan on recording, use ardour2.
what you are after is software monitoring, which you can activate from somewhere in the main menu.

It will not constantly monitor the input of a track no, but you can easily set up a BUS to do just that. Route the input identically to the track, and the bus will always pass audio, allowing you to mute it separately from the track when you don’t want to hear it.


yeah thx.
this is what i did.