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I’m using Ardor 6 on Xubuntu 20.04, and I use it to play live with Vst and Lv2 plugins, so my biggest use is with the MIDI controller.
In ardor 5.12 when going to sections> properties> monitoring and deactivating the option “Track input Monitoring automatically follows transport state (auto-input)”, MIDI track monitoring could be disabled by disabling recording of this track. And this is very useful for me.

In Ardor 6 I am not able to do this on the MIDI tracks, only on the audio tracks, as shown in the images:
(The left track is a MIDI track, and the right an audio track.)
Captura de tela de 2020-06-16 14-36-05

In Ardor 6, can I use this function in the same way as Ardor 5?

Someone can you help me?

Thank you!

good question.

One way to accomplish this is to explicitly ask to “disk” by default (you can still manually override this per track later).


Preferences > Appearance > Toolbar > Display Monitor Options

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Thanks for your attention Robin.

I tried this alternative that you indicated. But it disables or enables the monitoring of all tracks at the same time.

What I wanted was to be able to do it on MIDI tracks, the same thing that happens on audio tracks, as well as in the video below

So I can control each track individually with my MIDI controller.

If there is no other solution, I can still use the option to map the “mute” to mutate each track individually.:blush:

In Ardour 6.0 you cannot have the implicit either Disk or Input mode for MIDI.

We’ve just rectified this. When using “Non-Layered” record mode, MIDI tracks now behave like this again (since 6.0.122, upcoming 6.1).

I assume you were using that:


Since MIDI regions are always audibly transparent (you hear underlying regions), it makes sense to also hear those when recording on top of existing regions.

Thank you very much Robin!

I am using version 6.0.0 yet. I’m using the ppa that UbuntuStudio made available to keep Ardour updates on Ubuntu 20.04. I will wait for the update to the next version.

Congratulations on the work of the whole team, Ardour is incredible. And congratulations also for your work, I use many of your plugins. SetBfree is my favorite Organ plugin.

In Ardour 6.2, MIDI monitoring is perfect.

Thanks to the whole team!

Hi, Ardour newbie here!

I spent days trying in vain to get this working.
Now I found this thread, and the problem is solved.


Big thanks to the Ardour crew for the great program!
I’m in the middle of transition from Logic Pro 7 (since Atari Notator 1.0) to going fully with Linux.
This was my biggest problem so far.
(Grouching will follow when necessary ;- )

Thanks once more.

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